Thursday, 30 September 2010

Samaritans' Jazz Jaunt - Ruby Turner & Co.

Last Friday the staff at Keith Scarrott Shoes all ventured out on the town to support something a little bit different.

The Bacon Theatre, Cheltenham held a top-class blues evening on behalf on the charity Samaritans, to whom Keith Scarrott Shoes have long-standing ties. With star turns from two well known acts and a packed house, it was a superbly entertaining night for all ages.

Opened by Eddie Martin (bottom picture), the one-man blues band, described by What's On in London as "easily the best blues guitarist this country has produces since Clapton". The show got off to a rollicking start with Martin's unique mix of country-inspired blues and jazz. Echoes of old school Johnny Cash and New Orleans jazz among other diverse influences, were apparent at various points throughout the set; ensuring a mix to satisfy everyone in attendance. Showcasing his considerable talent on guitars, harmonicas and percussion, Martin got the crowd clapping and singing along in no time at all.

With the audience nicely warmed up, the inimitable Ruby Turner (top picture) and her band made their grand entrance. Immediately we were hit with Ruby's vivacious personality and wicked sense of humour, turning a large gathering into something much more intimate and special; the audience had no choice but to be swept along in the excitement. Launching into a collection of her own hits; ranging from the heavenly highs of her most recent gospel album to Motown-inspired R'n'B and good old-fashioned jazz, Ruby showed just why she's retained her popularity with fans such as Jools Holland.

After a storming set, Ruby and her band of ultra-talented musicians submitted to the demands of the rapturous audience - who gave her a standing ovation - and played a rousing encore.

It was a toe-tapping, blues-tinted fabulous night which all of us enjoyed and, more importantly, gave wonderful support to a worthwhile cause.

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For more information on the Samaritans visit their website here.

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